Graph Annotations

Graph annotations, also known as attributes, are used to set and store values associated with vertices, edges and the graph itself. Standard annotations typically related to styles, labels and weights extended the graph-modeling capabilities and are handled automatically by all graph-related functions. User-defined annotations allow for many further extensions of graph modeling.

Getting and Setting Annotations

Annotation annotation wrapper for vertices and edges

AnnotationValue get and set vertex or edge annotation values

AnnotationKeys  ▪  Annotate  ▪  AnnotationDelete  ▪  AnnotationRules

Standard Algorithmic Annotations

EdgeWeight, VertexWeight edge and vertex weights

EdgeCapacity, VertexCapacity edge and vertex capacities

WeightedAdjacencyMatrix  ▪  WeightedAdjacencyGraph  ▪  WeightedGraphQ  ▪  EdgeWeightedGraphQ  ▪  VertexWeightedGraphQ

Standard Visual Annotations

EdgeShapeFunction, EdgeStyle, EdgeLabels render, style and label edges

VertexShapeFunction, VertexStyle, VertexLabels render, style and label vertices

GraphLayout, GraphHighlightStyle lay out, style and highlight graphs

VertexShape  ▪  VertexCoordinates  ▪  VertexSize  ▪  GraphHighlight

User Annotations

"myannotation" specify new annotations for vertices, edges and graphs

AnnotationValue  ▪  AnnotationKeys  ▪  Annotation