Graphs and Matrices

Matrix representations of graphs go back a long time and are still in some areas the only way to represent graphs. Adjacency matrices represent adjacent vertices and incidence matrix vertex-edge incidences. Both are fully capable of representing undirected and directed graphs. Matrix representations provide a bridge to linear algebra-based algorithms for graph computation.

Matrix Graph Constructors

AdjacencyGraph graph from an adjacency matrix

IncidenceGraph graph from an incidence matrix

KirchhoffGraph  ▪  WeightedAdjacencyGraph

Matrix Graph Representations

AdjacencyMatrix vertex-vertex adjacency matrix

IncidenceMatrix vertex-edge incidence matrix

KirchhoffMatrix  ▪  WeightedAdjacencyMatrix

Sparse Arrays »

SparseArray create and represent a sparse matrix

Normal  ▪  MatrixPlot  ▪  ...