New in 6.0: Function Visualization

Bringing together Mathematica's powerful capabilities in numerics, algebraic computation and now also geometric computation, Version 6.0 took the state of the art for function visualization to a new levelwith ubiquitous adaptivity, region- and volume-oriented implicit plotting, automated singularity analysis, arbitrary plotting regions and mesh overlaysas well as a host of innovative automatic aesthetics features.

Plot (modified) now supports automatic filling, exclusions, etc.

LogPlot  ▪  LogLinearPlot  ▪  LogLogPlot

Plot3D (modified) now adaptive, with arbitrary meshing, coloring, smoothing, etc.

ContourPlot (modified) now fully adaptive, with automated contour labeling etc.

DensityPlot (modified) now adaptive, with color functions, region specifications, etc.

ContourPlot3D 3D contour plot

ParametricPlot (modified) now including parametric regions etc.

ParametricPlot3D (modified) now adaptive, with multiple functions, meshing, etc.

PolarPlot  ▪  RevolutionPlot3D  ▪  SphericalPlot3D

RegionPlot 2D regions defined by inequalities

RegionPlot3D 3D regions defined by inequalities

New Function Visualization Options »

Filling  ▪  MeshFunctions  ▪  RegionFunction  ▪  Exclusions  ▪  ...