Window Properties

The Wolfram Language allows detailed control of the overall look and operation of notebook windows.

WindowSize total width and height in points (Full for full screen)

WindowMargins margins defining position on the screen

WindowTitle title at the top of the window

WindowStatusArea what to display in the status area at the bottom

WindowElements window interface elements to display

WindowFrame style of window frame ("Normal", "Palette", "Frameless", etc.)

WindowFrameElements frame elements to display

ScrollingOptions collection of options controlling scrolling behaviors

Background  ▪  Magnification  ▪  WindowOpacity  ▪  Visible


Deployed  ▪  Editable  ▪  Selectable  ▪  Deletable

DockedCells arbitrary cells and controls to dock at the top of the window

Option Inspector interactively set any window property

toggle full screen