is an option for notebooks that specifies the elements to include in the frame of the window used to display the notebook on the screen.


  • WindowFrameElements->{elem1,elem2,} specifies that the window frame should include the specified elements.
  • The following elements can be given:
  • "CloseBox"control to close the window
    "ZoomBox"control to maximize the window
    "MinimizeBox"control to minimize the window
    "DocumentIcon"document icon next to the window title on supported platforms
    "ResizeArea"control to interactively resize the window
  • Excluded elements may appear as disabled or may not be present at all, depending upon the operating system.
  • Some operating systems impose limitations that require windows of a certain WindowFrame type to include certain window frame elements.
  • Some elements may force the presence of other elements on certain operating systems. In such a case, no error will be given. All elements that are required to be used together will be shown when any of them is included in the element list.


Basic Examples  (1)

Create a window that cannot be resized, minimized or maximized:

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