Wolfram Resource System

The Wolfram Resource System is a framework for repositories and archives containing content ready for immediate use within the Wolfram Language. The system is the basis for a variety of Wolfram-curated repositories and archives. It can also be used for private repositories and archives. Deployed entries in repositories and archives get a webpage that typically gives documentation and examples of the entry.

https://resources.wolframcloud.com home page for the Wolfram Resource System

Data Resources »

https://resources.wolframcloud.com/DataRepository public Wolfram Data Repository

ResourceData get core content or specific elements from a data resource

"Data" resource type for data, supporting fields for content and metadata

Function Resources »

https://resources.wolframcloud.com/FunctionRepository public Wolfram Function Repository

ResourceFunction reference a function from a function resource

"Function" resource type for functions, supporting fields for definitions and metadata

Neural Net Resources »

https://resources.wolframcloud.com/NeuralNetRepository public Wolfram Neural Net Repository

NetModel get a neural net from a neural net resource

"NeuralNet" resource type for neural nets, supporting evaluation, training, etc. nets

Paclet Resources »

https://resources.wolframcloud.com/PacletRepository public Wolfram Language Paclet Repository

PacletSymbol use a symbol from within a paclet

PacletInstall install or update a paclet

"Paclet" resource type for paclets supporting distribution of code, documentation, etc.

Accessing Resources

ResourceObject symbolically represent a resource, with access to metadata, etc.

ResourceSearch find published and private resource objects

ResourceVersion  ▪  ResourceSystemPath  ▪  $ResourceSystemPath

Creating Resources

CreateNotebook create a new resource definition notebook

ResourceRegister register a resource so it can be referred to by name

CloudDeploy deploy a resource with documentation to the cloud

Options  ▪  SetOptions  ▪  LocalCache  ▪  CloudPublish

Managing Resources

ResourceUpdate update to the latest version of a function resource

ResourceRemove remove the local cache of a function resource

Publishing a Resource

ResourceSubmit submit a resource for inclusion in a Wolfram repository

$PublisherID default identifier for the publisher of a resource

PublisherID publisher identifier for a resource submission