is an option for graphics functions that specifies whether axes should be drawn.


  • Axes->True draws all axes.
  • Axes->False draws no axes.
  • Axes->{False,True} draws a axis but no axis in two dimensions.
  • In two dimensions, axes are drawn to cross at the position specified by the option AxesOrigin. »
  • In three dimensions, axes are drawn on the edges of the bounding box specified by the option AxesEdge. »


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Basic Examples  (4)

Draw all the axes:

Draw the axis but no axis:

Draw the axis only:

Specify overall axes style, including axes labels, ticks, and tick labels, using AxesStyle:

Scope  (12)

Axes Positions  (5)

Determine AxesOrigin automatically:

Specify AxesOrigin explicitly:

In 3D, axes are drawn on the bounding box edges:

Choose the bounding box edges automatically to draw the axes:

Specify the edges explicitly, using AxesEdge:

Axes Styling  (2)

Specify the style of each axis:

Display the axes without the bounding box:

Axes Labels and Ticks  (5)

Specify a label for each axis:

Use labels based on variables specified in Plot3D:

Draw the axes but no tick marks:

Place tick marks automatically:

Draw tick marks at the specified positions:

Properties & Relations  (5)

In 2D, the axes are drawn above the graphics:

Objects in Epilog are drawn on top of any graphics, including the axes:

If the option Frame is set to True, the ticks are drawn on the edges of the frame:

GridLines puts grids across the image:

FaceGrids puts grids on the faces of the bounding box in 3D:

By default, DensityPlot and related functions display the frame, instead of the axes:

Possible Issues  (1)

If Frame and Axes are both present, the axes ticks are suppressed:

Neat Examples  (1)

Move the axes using a locator:

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