applies f to non-overlapping sublists of length n in list.


applies f to sublists with offset d in list.


applies f to blocks of size n1×n2×.



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Basic Examples  (4)

Apply a function to all non-overlapping, length-2 sublists:

Apply a function to overlapping sublists of length 2 with offset 1:

Apply a function to a matrix:

Apply a function to all 2x2 sub-matrices:

Scope  (7)

Apply a function to a ragged array:

Apply a function to blocks of size {2,1,2} of a rank-3 array:

Specify an offset {1,2} with a block size {2,2} to allow overlapping for rows but not for columns:

Skip elements by using an offset larger than the block size:

Incomplete sublists at the end are dropped:

The head need not be List:

BlockMap works with SparseArray objects:

Applications  (5)

Compute successive differences of elements:

Compute a moving average with runs of 3 elements:

Compute a moving median of a matrix:

Compute a moving quantile for some data:

Smooth a simulated particle trajectory:

The underlying signal and simulated path with noise:

Smooth the trajectory using a moving TrimmedMean:

Increasing the window size gives a smoother trajectory:

Properties & Relations  (2)

BlockMap is effectively the same as using Map and Partition:

BlockMap need not construct all the sublists and requires less memory:

ListCorrelate[ker,list] effectively combines ker with a sliding block in list:

Use an offset of 1 in BlockMap to apply the function to overlapping segments the length of ker:

ListConvolve is similar except the kernel is reversed:

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