For general access to the Wolfram Knowledgebase, use entities of type BroadcastStation instead of BroadcastStationData.


gives the value of the specified property for the broadcast station entity.


gives a list of property values for the specified broadcast station entities.


gives the specified annotation associated with the given property.


  • BroadcastStationData[] gives a list of all broadcast station entities.
  • BroadcastStationData["Properties"] gives a list of available properties.
  • BroadcastStationData["SampleEntities"] gives a list of sample entities.
  • The specified entity in BroadcastStationData can be an Entity, EntityClass, entity canonical name, or list thereof.
  • The specified property can be an EntityProperty, EntityPropertyClass, property canonical name, or list of properties.
  • Properties that do not apply or are not known in a particular case are indicated by Missing[].
  • Properties include:
  • "AllPower"power
    "BroadcastingRange"approximate broadcasting area
    "DaytimePower"daytime power
    "DomesticStationClass"domestic station class
    "EffectiveRadiatedPower"effective radiated power
    "EffectiveRadiatedPowerHorizontallyPolarized"effective radiated power horizontally polarized
    "EffectiveRadiatedPowerVerticallyPolarized"effective radiated power vertically polarized
    "FMStationClass"FM station class
    "FrequencyAllocation"electromagnetic frequency range
    "FrequencyPrimaryUse"frequency allocation for United States (ITU region 2)
    "HeightAboveAverageTerrain"height above average terrain
    "HeightAboveAverageTerrainHorizontallyPolarized"height above average terrain horizontally polarized
    "HeightAboveAverageTerrainVerticallyPolarized"height above average terrain vertically polarized
    "HeightAboveGroundLevel"height above ground level
    "HeightAboveMeanSeaLevel"height above mean sea level
    "HeightAboveMeanSeaLevelHorizontallyPolarized"height above mean sea level horizontally polarized
    "HeightAboveMeanSeaLevelVerticallyPolarized"height above mean sea level vertically polarized
    "HoursOfOperation"hours of operation
    "NighttimePower"nighttime power
    "StationClassification"FCC classification
    "TVZone"TV zone


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Basic Examples  (5)

Use for entity discovery:

Find the position of a broadcast station:

Get a list of sample entities for broadcast stations:

Get a list of sample classes for broadcast stations:

Find the number of broadcast stations in a given class:

Neat Examples  (1)

Show the approximate range of a broadcast station on a map:

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