repeatedly reads default items from the specified device at interval dt for a total time t, returning a time series of the resulting values.


repeatedly reads the parameter param and returns a time series of its values.


repeatedly reads the parami and returns a time series of their values.


  • The time parameters dt and t can be Quantity objects containing units. If they are given as pure numbers, they are assumed to be in units of seconds.
  • DeviceReadTimeSeries is a blocking function that does not return until it has collected data for time t.
  • A device can be specified either by a DeviceObject or by a string representing a device class.
  • A component of a TimeSeries object ts corresponding to parami can be obtained from ts["PathComponent",i].
  • For string parameters, a component can typically be obtained from ts["parami"].


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Basic Examples  (2)

Open a demo device:

Capture a three-second time series at 0.1-second intervals:

Plot the time series:

Repeatedly read a list of parameters from a device and plot the resulting time series:

Plot a time series for the given parameter:

Applications  (1)

Generate a time series by reading illuminance data from a TinkerForge Weather Station every 0.1 second for five seconds while continuously changing the device orientation:

Extract the measured values of the illuminance:

Plot the illuminance values:

Properties & Relations  (2)

For a list of parameters, TimeSeries components can be accessed by their names:

Collect a time series from a device and perform some analysis:

Plot the interpolated path function of the time series:

Rescale the time series to run from 0 to 10:

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