gives a list of names of examples of the specified type.


gives the default form of the named example of the specified type.


gives the specified element or property of an example.


  • Typical types include:
  • "AerialImage"sample aerial photography image
    "Audio"sample audio clips
    "ColorTexture"sample color texture
    "Dataset"sample structured dataset
    "Geometry3D"3D geometry data for models and shapes
    "LinearProgramming"linear programming problem
    "MachineLearning"machine learning training and testing data
    "Matrix"sparse or dense matrix
    "NetworkGraph"empirical graphs and networks
    "Sound"sample audio clips
    "Statistics"statistical datasets
    "TestAnimation"test animation for image processing
    "TestImage"test image for image processing
    "TestImage3D"test 3D volume for image processing
    "TestImageSet"test image collections
    "Text"sample text piece
    "Texture"sample texture
  • ExampleData[{"type","name"},"Properties"] gives a list of the elements or properties available for a particular example.
  • In addition to elements specific to the content of an example, the following properties are typically included:
  • "Image"basic visual representation of the example
    "Name"English name
  • ExampleData[] gives a list of names of types of examples.


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Basic Examples  (4)

A standard image processing test image:

3D geometry for a space shuttle:

The first 400 characters of the text of the US Declaration of Independence:

A list of example texture images:

Scope  (42)

Image Data  (8)

An aerial image of the Pentagon:

2D Fourier transform of raw image data:

Wood texture:

Color wood texture:

A color test image:

A monochrome test image:

Animation Data  (3)

Find the names of the first four frames:

Extract the frames:

Image Collections  (2)

Images in a collection:

All image collections:

3D Geometry  (3)

The Stanford bunny:

Get a list of possible properties:

Geometric representation:


Surface area:

3D Image Data  (2)

Example of a 3D image:

Properties for 3D images:

Numerical Data  (5)

Count the number of test matrices:

Example of a sparse matrix:

Properties for example matrices:

Find a complete linear programming example:

Plot the constraint matrix for a linear programming example:

Statistical Data  (6)

Find the first 10 statistical datasets available:

List of available properties for a dataset:

The first 5 rows of this dataset contain brain and body weights of various animals:

Alternatively, use the "DataElements" property:

Column types are either "Numeric" or "Categorical":

Description for Old Faithful dataset:

Column headings:

Column descriptions:

Dimension and number of observations for the dataset:

Create a SmoothHistogram of a dataset:

Compute descriptive statistics of numerical entries:

Choose numeric columns:

Calculate Mean and StandardDeviation for each characteristic:

Text  (8)

Find the first 10 example texts available:

First 400 characters of Darwin's On the Origin of Species:

List of properties:

Author and title:

Number of words in On the Origin of Species:

Use "FormattedText" to get a string with line breaks etc.:

Generate a formatted notebook of the US Declaration of Independence:

Generate "Latinized text":

Audio  (3)

Properties of an audio sample:

Import an audio sample:

Get the audio description:

All audio samples:

Sound  (2)

"Houston, we have a problem":

Applications  (5)

The Declaration of Independence, formatted very small:

Recolor a test image:

Make a contour plot of gray levels in a test image:

Generate 3D graphics containing multiple space shuttles:

Plot the word frequency distribution for On the Origin of Species:

Neat Examples  (3)

Make a 3D graphic from a test image:

Generate a vector field from the normals for a 3D object:

Hamlet's soliloquy, with repeated words successively larger:

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