is an option that specifies how parameters generated to represent the results of various symbolic operations should be named.


  • The typical default setting is GeneratedParameters->C.
  • The setting GeneratedParameters->f specifies that successive generated parameters should be named f[1], f[2], .
  • In typical cases, the f[i] are used to parameterize families of solutions to equations.
  • The f[i] usually correspond to free parameters, but are also sometimes used to represent arbitrary functions.
  • The f[i] have indices that start at 1 for each invocation of a particular symbolic operation.
  • GeneratedParameters->(Module[{C},C]&) guarantees that parameters are unique, even across different invocations of a function.
  • GeneratedParameters is an option to such functions as DSolve, RSolve, and Reduce.


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Basic Examples  (4)

General solution of algebraic equation:

General solution of differential equation:

General solution of difference equation:

General expression for an indefinite integral:

Scope  (5)

Special solutions:

Use a different symbol:

Use a subscripted symbol:

Start index at 0:

General solution to partial differential equation:

Special solution:

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