opens the specified file, URL, or other target with the associated program on your computer system.

Details and Options

  • SystemOpen sends its target to the operating system, which then opens it using its default application for the target type given.
  • URLs and URIs must include explicit http:, mailto:, ftp:, etc. prefixes.
  • SystemOpen[File["file"]] and SystemOpen[URL["url"]] are also supported.
  • SystemOpen["file"] is essentially equivalent to double-clicking the file icon in your operating system.
  • SystemOpen["file"] searches for the specified file in the directories given in $Path.
  • SystemOpen["file"] returns $Failed if the specified file does not exist.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Open the Wolfram Research home page in a web browser:

Scope  (1)

Open an image file in the default system image viewer:

Properties & Relations  (1)

SystemOpen returns $Failed if the operating system cannot open the resource:

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