is an option for ColorConvert, ChromaticityPlot and other functions to specify the white point.


  • WhitePoint, also known as the reference white, defines the white color for a specific color space.
  • Typical settings include:
  • Automaticautomatically determine the white point to use
    "name"use a named white point
    coluse the color col as white point
  • Common named white points include:
  • "A" - XYZColor[1.098466069456375`,1,0.3558228003436005`]
    "B" - XYZColor[0.9909274480248003`,1,0.8531327322886154`]
    "C" - XYZColor[0.980705971659919`,1,1.1822494939271255`]
    "D50" - XYZColor[0.9642119944211994`,1,0.8251882845188288`]
    "D55" - XYZColor[0.956797052643698`,1,0.9214805860173273`]
    "D65" - XYZColor[0.9504285453771808`,1,1.0889003707981277`]
    "D75" - XYZColor[0.9497220898840718`,1,1.226393520724154`]
    "E" - XYZColor[1,1,1]
    "F1" - XYZColor[0.92833634773327`,1,1.0366471966080588`]
    "F2" - XYZColor[0.9914466146180286`,1,0.6731594233792534`]
    "F3" - XYZColor[1.0375348719249304`,1,0.49860512300278975`]
    "F4" - XYZColor[1.091472637556101`,1,0.38813260928860127`]
    "F5" - XYZColor[0.9087197011381077`,1,0.9872288668153252`]
    "F6" - XYZColor[0.9730912836358956`,1,0.6019054976181281`]
    "F7" - XYZColor[0.950171560440895`,1,1.086296420004251`]
    "F8" - XYZColor[0.9641254355400697`,1,0.8233310104529616`]
    "F9" - XYZColor[1.0036479708162336`,1,0.678683511708377`]
    "F10" - XYZColor[0.9617351192130272`,1,0.8171233257377868`]
    "F11" - XYZColor[1.0089889428048684`,1,0.6426166043539363`]
    "F12" - XYZColor[1.0804628965653669`,1,0.39227516629163484`]
  • The sRGB color space is defined with "D65", and the XYZ color space is usually defined with "D50".


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Basic Examples  (2)

Convert a white sRGB color using the default white point:

Use a custom white point:

Show a white point on a slice of the sRGB space:

Turn the white point off:

Scope  (4)

Color Conversion  (1)

Convert from XYZ to Lab using the default white reference (D50):

Specify a different white:

Visualization  (3)

Show a particular white point:

Choose a specific color as the white point:

Specify a list of white points:

Applications  (1)

Compare the RGB gamut with the complete series of supported fluorescent white points:

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