Cities, towns and other recognized population centers.

Entity["City",name] or

represents an entity of type "City".


gives the value of a specified property.


gives the value of a list of properties.


gives the value of a specified property modified by qualifier rules quali->vali.


gives the value of a property associated with a particular date specification.


represents a class of entities with values of propi defined by speci.

Sample Entities

Sample Entity Classes


  • ActiveHomeListingCountactive home listings
    AdministrativeDivisionadministrative region
    AggravatedAssaultnumber of aggravated assaults
    AggravatedAssaultRaterate of aggravated assault
    AggregateHomeValueaggregate home value
    AggregateHomeValue15To24aggregate home value, householder 15 to 24 years
    AggregateHomeValue25To34aggregate home value, householder 25 to 34 years
    AggregateHomeValue35To64aggregate home value, householder 35 to 64 years
    AggregateHomeValue65aggregate home value, householder 65 years and over
    AggregateHouseholdIncomeaggregate household income
    AirportCodesairport codes
    AnnualExcessFuelConsumedPerCommuterfuel spent in delays
    AnnualExcessFuelConsumedTotaltotal fuel spent in delays
    AnnualHoursOfDelayPerAutoCommuteraverage annual delay
    AnnualHoursOfDelayTotaltotal annual delay
    AreaCodesarea code
    ArterialStreetDailyVehicleMilesarterial street traffic
    ArterialStreetLaneMilesarterial street length
    AverageHomeListingPriceaverage home listing price
    AveragePublicTransitTripLengthaverage public transit trip distance
    Burglarynumber of burglaries
    BurglaryRaterate of burglary
    CitySalesTaxRatecity sales tax
    CountySalesTaxRatecounty sales tax
    CrimeRatetotal rate of crime
    CrimeTotaltotal number of crimes
    DailyDelayMinutesaverage daily traffic delay
    EntityClassesentity classes
    EntityTypeListentity type list
    ForcibleRapenumber of rapes
    ForcibleRapeRaterate of rape
    FreewayDailyVehicle-Milesfreeway traffic
    FreewayLaneMilesfreeway length
    GiniIndexGini index
    HasPolygonhas polygon?
    HousePriceIndexFHFA home price index
    HousePriceIndexAnnualAverageFHFA home price index annual average
    HousingAffordabilityhousing affordability index
    HousingPriceIncreasedCounthome listings with increased price
    HousingPriceReducedCounthome listings with reduced price
    LarcenyTheftnumber of larcenies
    LarcenyTheftRaterate of larceny
    MagneticFieldStrengthtotal magnetic field strength
    MedianAgemedian age
    MedianDaysOnHousingMarketmedian home listing time on market
    MedianHomeListingPricemedian home listing price
    MedianHomeListingPricePerSquareFeetmedian home listing price per square foot
    MedianHomeSalePricemedian home sale price
    MedianHomeSizeInSquareFeetmedian home size
    MedianHomeValuemedian home value
    MedianHouseholdIncomemedian household income
    MetropolitanAreametropolitan area
    MotorVehicleTheftnumber of motor vehicle thefts
    MotorVehicleTheftRaterate of motor vehicle thefts
    MurderNonnegligentManslaughterincidents of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter
    MurderNonnegligentManslaughterRaterate of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter
    NewHomeListingCountnew home listings
    NextDSTShiftnext daylight saving shift
    NumberOfHomesnumber of owneroccupied housing units
    PeakPeriodTravelersaverage daily peak period travelers
    PeakPeriodTravelersPerCapitapeak period travelers per capita
    PeakPeriodVehiclesaverage daily peak period vehicles
    PendingHomeListCountpending home listings
    PeopleBornInCitynotable people born in city
    PeopleDiedInCitynotable people who died in city
    PerCapitaIncomeper capita income
    Populationcity population
    PopulationByEducationalAttainmentpopulation by educational attainment
    PopulationByGeographicalMobilitypopulation by migration in previous 12 months
    PopulationByLanguageSpokenAtHomepopulation by language spoken at home
    PopulationByMaritalStatuspopulation by marital status
    PopulationByPovertyStatuspopulation by poverty status
    PopulationBySchoolEnrollmentpopulation by school enrollment
    PopulationDensitypopulation density
    PreviousDSTShiftlast daylight saving shift
    PropertyCrimeRatetotal rate of property crime
    PropertyCrimeTotaltotal number of property crimes
    PublicTransportationAnnualPassengerMilestotal public transit use
    PublicTransportationAnnualUnlinkedPassengerTripsunlinked public transit trips
    RentFourBedrooms4 bedroom apartment fair market rent
    RentOneBedrooms1 bedroom apartment fair market rent
    RentThreeBedrooms3 bedroom apartment fair market rent
    RentTwoBedrooms2 bedroom apartment fair market rent
    RentZeroBedroomsstudio apartment fair market rent
    Robberynumber of robberies
    RobberyRaterate of robbery
    RushHoursdaily rush hour length
    StateSalesTaxRatestate sales tax
    TimeZonetime zone
    TotalDailyDelaytotal daily traffic delay
    TotalSalesTaxRatetotal sales tax rate
    TravelTimeIndexaverage peak travel time
    UnemploymentRateunemployment rate
    UnweightedSampleHousingUnitsunweighted sample housing units
    UnweightedSamplePopulationunweighted sample population
    ViolentCrimeRatetotal rate of violent crime
    ViolentCrimeTotaltotal number of violent crimes
    ZIPCodesZIP codes


  • "City" entities represent formal, organized population centers, including cities, towns, villages, etc.
  • For many properties, data is available only for cities in the United States.
  • Some properties are available for the "City" entity type as a whole and can be given using the form EntityValue["City",property]. Such properties include:
  • "Properties"the list of available properties
    "PropertyCanonicalNames"the standard names of available properties
    "SampleEntities"a sample list of available entities (typically of length 10)
    "SampleEntityClasses"a sample list of available entity classes (typically of length 10)
    "EntityCount"number of entities available
    "Entities"the list of available entities
    "EntityCanonicalNames"the standard names of available entities
    "EntityClasses"the list of available entity classes
    "EntityClassCanonicalNames"the standard names of available entity classes
    "PropertyClasses"the list of available property classes
    "PropertyClassCanonicalNames"the standard names of available property classes
    "PropertyCount"number of properties available
  • The following annotations can be used in the third argument of EntityValue["City",property,annotation]:
  • "Source"source information for the property
    "Date"the date associated with the entity-property value (if any)
    "EntityAssociation"an association of entities and entity-property values
    "PropertyAssociation"an association of properties and entity-property values
    "EntityPropertyAssociation"an association in which the specified entities are keys, and values are a nested association of properties and entity-property values
    "PropertyEntityAssociation"an association in which the specified properties are keys, and values are a nested association of entities and entity-property values
    "Dataset"a dataset in which the specified entities are keys, and values are an association of property names and entity-property values
  • The following annotations can be used in the second argument of EntityValue[property,annotation]:
  • "Qualifiers"the list of possible qualifiers for the property
    "QualifierValues"the list of possible values that can be given to each qualifier
    "DefaultQualifierValues"the list of default values for the property's qualifiers
    "Description"a brief textual description of the property
    "Definition"a detailed textual definition of the property
    "PhysicalQuantity"the physical quantity associated with the entity-property value
    "Unit"the unit associated with the entity-property value
  • A qualifier value of Automatic indicates that an applicable format of values can be used; e.g. for the "Date" qualifier, this includes a proper date or date span.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Use for entity discovery:

Find a property value for an entity:

Retrieve a dataset of all available properties for an entity:

Find cities in Ireland with a population over 100,000:

Scope  (5)

Find all available cities in the world named London, sorted by decreasing population:

Find the latitude and longitude of the center of London, England:

Find all available cities in Vanuatu:

Locate a city on a map:

Identify the administrative division a city is located in:

Applications  (8)

Find the three large cities nearest Champaign, Illinois:

Plot the positions of all available cities in Japan:

Find city names that occur in both Germany and Belgium:

Plot the large cities in Australia, with tooltips for their names:

Plot larger cities with larger, translucent disks:

Find a traveling salesman tour of the large cities in Germany:

Make a 3D contour map of Colorado based on the elevations of its cities:

Make a scatter plot of population versus elevation for cities in Colorado:

Relations to Other Entity Types  (2)

"Country" can give the largest cities in a country:

Make a Lambert azimuthal projection map, centered on New York City:

Possible Issues  (2)

City entities only represent complete cities, not parts of cities:

Sometimes the name of a city, region and country can all be the same:

Neat Examples  (2)

Find the countries where cities named San Jose exist:

Find the capital cities in the world with the smallest recorded populations: