Entity Types

The Wolfram Language provides access to curated, computable data about millions of entities across hundreds of entity types. Wolfram Language entities represent physical entities as well as mathematical and other scientific concepts, and can be accessed via natural language input or programmatically retrieved and incorporated into complex computations. Custom and dynamic entity types can also be introduced, from external entity stores, relational databases, etc.

Working with Entities

() specify an entity using natural language

Entity symbolic representation of an entity

entity[property] extract the value of a property for an entity

Geographic Entities

Country AdministrativeDivision City Neighborhood MetropolitanArea

ZIPCode USCongressionalDistrict DistrictCourt

Ocean Island UnderseaFeature Reef Beach Lake Mountain Volcano River Glacier Waterfall EarthImpact Desert Forest


Airport Park AmusementPark AmusementParkRide Stadium

Bridge Canal Tunnel Dam Mine Cave OilField Building Castle Cemetery HistoricalSite PreservationStatus ReserveLand Shipwreck

University SchoolDistrict PublicSchool PrivateSchool Museum LibrarySystem LibraryBranch

WeatherStation AstronomicalObservatory ParticleAccelerator NuclearReactor NuclearTestSite NuclearExplosion


CountryData, CityData specialized access to data about countries, cities

Astronomical Entities

Planet PlanetaryMoon MinorPlanet Comet SolarSystemFeature MeteorShower Exoplanet

Star Galaxy StarCluster Nebula Supernova Pulsar AstronomicalRadioSource Constellation


Satellite Rocket DeepSpaceProbe MannedSpaceMission

Weather & Earth Science

WeatherStation TropicalStorm Cloud AtmosphericLayer

Earthquake GeologicalLayer GeologicalPeriod Mineral FamousGem

TidalConstituent TideStation


Aircraft Airline Airport Ship

Engineering & Structures

FrequencyAllocation BroadcastStation MeasurementDevice

Building Bridge Tunnel Dam Mine

Dynamical Systems


Culture & Entertainment

Language Religion Mythology

Movie MusicAct MusicAlbum MusicAlbumRelease MusicWork MusicWorkRecording

BroadcastStation BroadcastStationClassification

Book Artwork Periodical FictionalCharacter

Museum LibraryBranch LibrarySystem

Activities & Hobbies

SportObject SportMatch

MusicalInstrument BoardGame PopularCurve

YogaPose YogaPosition YogaSequence YogaProp PilatesExercise

Pokemon Digimon


Financial any named financial instrument

Company CurrencyDenomination

FinancialData specialized access to data about stocks and other financial instruments

Food & Nutrition

Food FoodType

BasicFoodGroup USDAFoodGroup FoodTypeGroup

FoodAlcoholLabel FoodCaffeineLabel FoodCalorieLabel FoodFiberLabel FoodFatLabel FoodIronLabel FoodSodiumLabel FoodSugarLabel

FoodBoneContent FoodSkinContent FoodSeedContent

FoodCrustType FoodFatType FoodGeometryType FoodPeelingType FoodProcessingType FoodServingType FoodStorageType FoodSugarType

FoodBeefGrade FoodMeatCut FoodMeatQuality FoodPattyCount

FoodBrandName FoodSubBrandName FoodManufacturer

FoodAge FoodComposition FoodConcentration FoodCulture FoodDataSource FoodFlavor FoodIntendedUse FoodLocation FoodMoistureLevel FoodNutritionalSupplement FoodNutritionalSupplementNotAdded FoodPackaging FoodPart FoodPreparation FoodSeafoodVariety FoodSize FoodState FoodTexture FoodTrimmingLevel FoodVariety FoodVegetablePart

People & Personal Attributes

Person PersonTitle

GivenName Surname

Gender Emotion


HistoricalCountry HistoricalEvent HistoricalPeriod HistoricalSite Shipwreck


Linguistic Entities

Language Word GrammaticalUnit

WritingScript Alphabet Character Concept

WritingDirection WritingScriptBaseline WritingScriptType

Physical Sciences

Chemical Element Isotope Particle Mineral Laser

CrystalFamily CrystalSystem CrystallographicSpaceGroup

PhysicalSystem PhysicalConstant FamousPhysicsProblem FamousChemistryProblem

Color ColorSet LightColor


ChemicalData, ElementData specialized access to data about chemicals

Life Sciences

Gene SNP Protein

Medical Entities

AnatomicalStructure AnimalAnatomicalStructure Neuron Disease MedicalTest Protein

AnatomicalFunctionalConcept AnatomicalTemporalConcept CognitiveTask


Organism Types

Plant Species Dinosaur DogBreed CatBreed

Mathematical & Computational Entities

Polyhedron Solid Lamina Surface SpaceCurve PlaneCurve

Lattice LatticeSystem PeriodicTiling NonperiodicTiling

Graph Knot FiniteGroup

MathematicalFunction IntegerSequence ContinuedFraction

FunctionSpace TopologicalSpaceType

FamousMathProblem FamousMathGame ComputationalComplexityClass

MathWorld ContinuedFractionResult ContinuedFractionSource FunctionalAnalysisSource

GeometricScene notable theorems and constructions in computable form

Computing-Related Entities

FileFormat DisplayFormat NotableComputer

InternetDomain IPAddress NetworkService TopLevelDomain

ProgrammingLanguage WolframLanguageSymbol

Visual Entities

Icon Color ColorSet LightColor

Custom-Defined Entity Types »

EntityStore local or remote entity store

EntityRegister register a new base entity type

Dynamically Constructed Entity Classes »

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