TeXFragment (.tex)

Background & Context

    • MIME type: application/x-tex
    • TeX typesetting system and programming language.
    • Commonly used for typesetting mathematical and scientific publications and other technical documents.
    • Plain text format.
    • Describes the contents and the layout of multipage documents.
    • Developed since 1977 by Donald Knuth.



  • Advanced Export options:
  • "BoxRules"{}specifies mappings from Wolfram Language box expressions to TeX elements
    "ConversionRules"Automaticspecifies mappings from Wolfram System cell styles to TeX elements
    "DocumentClass""article"what LaTeX document type to use
    "FullDocument"Falsewhether to export a complete TeX document
    "MathOutput""TeX"format to use for typeset expressions
    "UsePackages"Automaticlist of packages to include in \usepackage{}
  • Typical settings for "DocumentClass" include "article", "report", and "letter".
  • Possible values for "MathOutput" are:
  • "EPS"converts typeset expressions to EPS, stored in separate files
    "TeX"formats all typeset expressions to embedded TeX macros


Basic Examples  (2)

This translates a Cell expression to a TeX fragment:

Translate an arbitrary expression to a TeX fragment:

Translate "MathML" to a TeX fragment: