The size and position of a notebook on your screen is determined by its WindowSize and WindowMargins options.

Use the WindowSize and WindowMargins options to specify the size and position of a newly created notebook window:

  • WindowSize specifies the size of a windows content area, not including the title bar.
  • In the value of WindowMargins, window edges closer to the edges of the display screen are typically assigned explicit margin distances; the others are set to Automatic. This allows the same setting for WindowMargins to work on screens of different sizes.
Create a full-screen window with WindowSize->Full:
Size a window to just fit its contents with WindowSize->All:
Set the size and position of an existing notebook window with SetOptions:
Get the sizes of displays using SystemInformation. The "ScreenArea" value is a list of display sizes, each of which specifies the minimum and maximum coordinates in the horizontal and vertical directions of the usable display area:
  • Extremely high-resolution displays (such as Mac Retina) may return virtual screen sizes that are half of the physical screen size.
  • WindowMargins values are always relative to the main display. To position a window on an external display, use negative WindowMargins values. The appropriate values will depend on the relative positions of the main and external displays: