Geometric Operations

The Wolfram Language supports basic as well as highly sophisticated functions for manipulating image geometry, including state-of-the-art image transformation discovery capabilities.

Basic Geometric Operations

ImageCrop  ▪  ImageTake  ▪  ImageTrim  ▪  ImagePad

ImageResize  ▪  ImageRotate  ▪  ImageReflect

ImagePartition  ▪  ImageAssemble

General Geometric Transformations

ImageTransformation apply a transformation to the pixel positions

ImageForwardTransformation  ▪  ImagePerspectiveTransformation

Image Registration

ImageAlign register two images

ImageDisplacements  ▪  ImageFeatureTrack  ▪  ImageCorrespondingPoints  ▪  FindGeometricTransform

ImageDistance compute various difference measures between two images

BorderDimensions dimensions of the constant frame around the image