deploys expr in a form that can be played by Wolfram Player.


deploys a notebook.


deploys the current selection in notebook.


deploys the notebook "infile.nb".

Details and Options

  • You can now use notebooks (.nb) interactively in Wolfram Player. Although you can still save your notebooks as CDFs, this is no longer required.
  • CDFDeploy is typically used to create CDF files that can be played using the Wolfram Player. Dynamic content including Manipulate outputs will be fully interactive in the resulting CDFs.
  • A path to a CDF file can also be specified as File["file.cdf"].
  • notebook may be a NotebookObject or a Notebook expression. Functions that evaluate to Notebook expressions such as DocumentNotebook, PaletteNotebook, and DialogNotebook are also acceptable.
  • CDFDeploy creates a CDF file that can be viewed by Wolfram Player or the Wolfram System, and can optionally be embedded in HTML and viewed using the Player or Wolfram System plugin.
  • The following options may be given:
  • "Target"Automaticdesired environment for deployed output
    Deployed Truecontrols are active but editing and selections are disabled
  • By default, CDFDeploy will create a CDF file based on your license. To create a basic level CDF, specify "Target"->"CDFPlayer". "Target"->"PlayerPro" provides extended features but requires an Enterprise license of the Wolfram System and is the default setting under that license.
  • CDFDeploy generates output as if Deploy were wrapped around it. To override this behavior, specify Deployed->False.
  • Enterprise licensed products also allow for the removal of the Player toolbar in the deployed CDF, by setting the notebook-level option PrivateNotebookOptions{"ShowProductBranding"False} in the CDF to be deployed.
  • Information useful to deploying the resulting CDF can be determined using CDFInformation.
  • CDFDeploy["outfile.cdf","infile.nb"] will use the in-memory version of infile.nb if it is presently open in the Wolfram System.
  • CDFDeploy modifies some notebook options to alter the appearance and behavior of the notebook to maximize its usability when deployed. For example, editing content outside of interactive interfaces is disabled, and cell brackets are hidden.
  • Dynamic content will be subject to the constraints of the environment it is played in. For example, content played in Wolfram Player will not have access to the local file system.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Deploy a Manipulate:

Deploy a notebook:

Deploy a palette:

Options  (1)

Deployed  (1)

Create a document whose contents can still be selected:

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