sends a message to the specified channel.


sends a message to the destination dest through the specified channel.


  • Supported channels include:
  • "Email"email
    "Facebook"Facebook status update
    "LinkedIn"LinkedIn status update
    "MMS"MMS message
    "SMS"SMS text message
    "Twitter"Twitter post
  • Unless otherwise specified, SendMessage will send a message to the user or the account of the user executing SendMessage.
  • For channels such as "Facebook" and "Twitter", SendMessage will open a webpage for authentication. This may also happen the first time "SMS" or "MMS" is used.
  • For "Email", the default address used will be $WolframID.
  • For "SMS" and "MMS", the only destination that can be used is the phone number specified in your account and given by $MobilePhone.
  • SendMessage requires internet connectivity and uses external services that require Service Credits to send SMS and MMS.
  • The following forms can be used for MMS messages:
  • SendMessage["MMS",obj]a single graphic, image, audio, etc. object
    SendMessage["MMS",{"text",obj}]text together with a graphic or other object
  • Media objects sent by "MMS" have a size limit, typically around 500 kilobytes.
  • SendMessage always attempts to convert messages to a form suitable for sending through the channel specified.
  • SendMessage returns a Success object if it succeeded in sending the specified message, and a Failure object otherwise.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Send a tweet:

Send an email:

Send a text message:

Scope  (5)

SMS  (1)

Send a simple SMS:

MMS  (4)

Send an MMS containing just an image:

Send an MMS with text and an image:

Send a plot using MMS:

Send an MMS using an image URL:

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