gives "string" with its first n characters dropped.


gives "string" with its last n characters dropped.


gives "string" with its n^(th) character dropped.


gives "string" with characters m through n dropped.


gives the list of results for each of the s_(i).


  • StringDrop["string",UpTo[n]] removes n characters, or as many as are available.
  • StringDrop["string",{m,n,s}] drops characters m through n in steps of s.
  • StringDrop uses the standard Wolfram Language sequence specification.
  • StringDrop[BioSequence["type","seq"],spec] applies the operation to the string "seq", yielding a biomolecular sequence.
  • Given a circular BioSequence and a starting position greater than the ending position, i.e. m>n, then StringDrop[bioseq,{m,n}] drops the wrapped-around sequence starting at m and ending at n.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Drop the first 4 characters from a string:

Use InputForm to show quotes:

Drop from the end of the string:

Drop characters 5 through 10:

Scope  (7)

Drop character 3 from a string:

Drop every other character:

Drop the last 2 characters from several strings:

StringDrop works with special characters:

Drop the first 4 characters if possible, else as many as are available:

Drop a codon from a bio sequence:

Perform a wraparound drop on a bio sequence:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Newline (\n) counts as a single character:

StringDrop works like applying Drop to the list of characters:

StringReplacePart with an empty string can be used like StringDrop:

StringReplacePart can drop several sequences of characters at a time:

Possible Issues  (1)

StringDrop operates on the raw characters in a string:

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