is an option for VectorPlot and related functions that specifies the range of sizes used for arrows.


  • The sizes s in VectorSizes are fractions of the diameters of the bounding circle around each vector point, with s=1 corresponding to an arrow whose length is the full diameter of the bounding circle.
  • The following settings can be given for VectorSizes:
  • Automaticdetermine arrow sizes automatically
    Large,Medium,Small,Tinyuse preset arrow sizes
    {smin,smax}use minimum size smin and maximum size smax
    suse size s for all arrows
  • If smin or smax is given as Automatic, the minimum or maximum arrow size is determined automatically.


Basic Examples  (5)

Vector markers are displayed on a hexagonal grid with markers that do not overlap:

Maximally pack the vectors:

Decrease the arrow sizes to leave more room between them:

Give minimum and maximum lengths for the arrows:

Use named sizes:

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