BYU (.byu)

Background & Context

    • 3D geometry format.
    • Used for visualization of 3D polygonal meshes in CAD systems and other applications.
    • BYU is an acronym for Brigham Young University.
    • ASCII format.
    • Represents 3D objects as collections of polygon primitives.
    • Can store multiple 3D objects.

Import & Export

Import Elements

  • General Import elements:
  • "Elements" list of elements and options available in this file
    "Summary"summary of the file
    "Rules"list of rules for all available elements
  • Data format representation elements:
  • "VertexData"list of vertex coordinates
    "PolygonData"the polygon data in indexed form
  • Geometry representation elements:
  • "BoundaryMeshRegion"boundary mesh representation of a solid
    "MeshRegion"mesh representation of a surface
    "Region"region representation of a surface
  • Graphics elements:
  • "Graphics3D"BYU file represented as a Graphics3D object
    "GraphicsComplex"list of GraphicsComplex objects
    "PolygonObjects"list of polygon primitives in absolute coordinates
  • Import and Export use the "MeshRegion" element by default for BYU files.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Import a 3D model from BYU as a MeshRegion object:

"Summary" properties of the solid model:

Export a 3D model to an ASCII BYU file:

Print the raw textual contents of the file:

Scope  (11)

Import  (6)

Import works on a BYU file:

Any accessible URL:


Import automatically detects BYU files:

Import provides access to elements in the BYU file:

Import works on large files:

Export  (5)

Export works on 3D graphics:

Special regions:

Formula regions:

Mesh regions:

Export to an ASCII BYU file:

Import Elements  (9)

"BoundaryMeshRegion"  (1)

"Graphics3D"  (1)

Give the Graphics3D object:

"GraphicsComplex"  (1)

Give the GraphicsComplex object:

"MeshRegion"  (1)

Give the MeshRegion:

"PolygonData"  (1)

Give the polygon elements in indexed form:

"PolygonObjects"  (1)

Give the list of Triangle primitives given in absolute coordinates:

"Region"  (1)

Give a Region:

"Summary"  (1)

Give the "Summary" of properties:

File size:

"VertexData"  (1)

Give the vertex coordinates: