Set up a report generator in the cloud that will automatically generate reports at specified time intervals.

Make a report template

Make a template for a stock price report with StringTemplate. The `price`item is a slot that is filled in when a report is generated:

Deploy a report generator to the cloud and specify its schedule

Deploy a report generator to the cloud that uses the template to generate hourly stock price reports:

  • In the public cloud, the fastest supported report rate is Hourly (the default).
  • You can specify detailed report schedules. See the description of timespec in the ScheduledTask documentation.

Specify start and end dates, if needed

To specify start and end dates, include them in a list along with the report schedule:

Alternatively, specify the number of reports to generate:

Look for the generated document link in your email:

Wait for the first report to be generated, or force the generation of a report with TaskExecute:

Look for a notification in your email. Click View Report to see the report:

View report generator information

Get detailed information about a report generator with DocumentGeneratorInformation:

Delete the generator

Use TaskRemove to delete a report generator:

You can also refer to the task object by name: