gives True if tseries is a regular time series, and False otherwise.


  • A time series is regular if the sampling increment is some constant .
  • The data tseries can be a list of values {x1,x2,}, a list of time-value pairs {{t1,x1},{t2,x2},}, or TemporalData.
  • For TemporalData with multiple paths, RegularlySampledQ returns True if all paths in the ensemble are regular.
  • For tseries with date-valued time stamps, RegularlySampledQ returns True if MinimumTimeIncrement returns a date step or list of date steps.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Check whether a time series is uniformly spaced:

Check that all time series in a collection are regular:

Resample the data to make it regular:

Scope  (5)

A vector is always regular:

Test the regularity of time-value pairs:

Determine whether a TimeSeries is regularly spaced:

Determine whether an EventSeries is regularly spaced:

Test an ensemble of paths for regularity:

Properties & Relations  (3)

A time series is regular if every time step is equal to the MinimumTimeIncrement:

An irregular series:

Time series can be made regular using TimeSeriesResample:

Coerce a time series to be treated as regular using the TemporalRegularity option:

Possible Issues  (2)

A time series may be regular in calendar time but irregular in absolute time:

The MinimumTimeIncrement:

The extracted path cannot be interpreted in calendar time:

TimeSeries, EventSeries, and TemporalData may be explicitly coerced to uniform spacing:

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