Cultural Data

The Wolfram Language has built-in access to extensive cultural data in computable form. Free-form linguistics provide a convenient mechanism for accessing all available data; more common categories also have specific associated Wolfram Language functions.

() request data using free-form linguistics

entity[property] extract the value of a property for an entity

Entity  ▪  EntityClass  ▪  EntityList  ▪  RandomEntity  ▪  EntityFunction  ▪  ...


Book notable books and other texts

Periodical newspapers, magazines and other periodical publications

ResourceData full text of notable sample books and documents


MusicAct notable musicians and bands from all genres

MusicAlbum historical and current music albums and film soundtracks

MusicWork popular songs and other recorded musical works

MusicAlbumRelease MusicWorkRecording MusicalInstrument

Movies & Television

Movie historical and current movies and movie franchises

BroadcastStation licensed radio and television broadcast stations

Digital Media

WikipediaData  ▪  WebSearch  ▪  WebImageSearch

InternetDomain named internet domains with host and traffic information

Art & Architecture

Artwork notable works of art in a variety of media

Building buildings, towers and other notable structures

Museum art, history, science and other museums

HistoricalSite memorials and other sites of designated historical importance

Languages, Words & Characters

Language recognized languages from all countries and cultures

Character typographical characters and other symbols

WritingScript Alphabet GrammaticalUnit

WordList  ▪  WordTranslation  ▪  Transliterate

WordFrequencyData current and historical word frequency data

WordData data on English words

Religion & Mythology

Religion religions from around the world

Mythology entities from mythologies of many cultures

People, Names & Fictional Characters

Person hundreds of thousands of current and historical figures

GivenName Surname PersonTitle

FictionalCharacter characters from works of fiction

Cultural Activities

BoardGame SportObject YogaPose Pokemon ...


Food 150,000 types of food, with detailed properties