Generalized Input

The Wolfram Language's unique structure allows a generalized notion of input, in which not only ordinary text, but also typeset structures, diagrams, graphics, control objects, and even complete user interfaces can be entered and immediately return values that have been associated with them.

Controls as Input

DynamicSetting display as a control that dynamically gives its setting when evaluated

evaluate in place to show the displayed form

Checkbox  ▪  PopupMenu  ▪  ColorSetter  ▪  FileNameSetter  ▪  SetterBar  ▪  ...

Manipulate set up a collection of controls

Giving Interpretations

Interpretation specify any interpretation for a graphic or other expression

Iconize convert any expression to display in an iconized form

Graphics as Input

Graphics, Graphics3D use any graphic as input

Input Annotation

Placeholder label a place to type

Defining Custom Notation »

InputAliases  ▪  DynamicSetting  ▪  InputAutoReplacements  ▪  ...