Control Objects

The Wolfram Language provides a full range of control objects, all specified in convenient symbolic form. Manipulate uses many of these objects automatically; you can also use them directly as part of generalized input or in building your own dynamic interfaces.

Control an interactive control with type automatically chosen

Slider, VerticalSlider Slider2D

Checkbox RadioButton Opener

IntervalSlider set a value with a lower and upper bound

ColorSlider interactively select a color

Setter set a value when pressed: Setter Setter

Toggler toggle through values when clicked

SetterBar, RadioButtonBar, CheckboxBar, TogglerBar arrays of buttons

PopupMenu menu of choices

ListPicker list of choices

InputField field for strings, numbers, or any expression

FormControl an arbitrary form, containing fields with specified interpretations

TableView spreadsheet-like data view

LocatorPane movable locators on graphics or other backgrounds

Animator  ▪  Manipulator  ▪  Locator  ▪  ProgressIndicator  ▪  Trigger  ▪  ClickPane

Button button with any form and action

PasteButton button to paste an expression

ClickToCopy copy the given expression to the clipboard when clicked

ActionMenu, ButtonBar choose from a list of actions

EventHandler low-level event handler

MousePosition  ▪  ControlActive  ▪  ControllerState  ▪  CurrentValue

GestureHandler, TouchPosition touch controls

FileNameSetter system file browser

ColorSetter system color picker

SystemDialogInput files, fonts, sounds, etc.

Hyperlink general hyperlink to cells and URLs

FormObject specify the structure of a form

FormFunction set up an active submittable form

Annotations »

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Programming with Controls »

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Structuring and Layout »

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Controls Options »

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Creating Separate Windows »

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