Precollege Education

The Wolfram Language is widely used throughout the world for precollege education, in mathematics and many other fields. This page lists a few Wolfram Language functions used particularly often in mathematics education.


Factor factor a polynomial

Solve solve one or more equations

SolveValues, NSolveValues directly gives solution vectors

RealAbs absolute value

AddSides add to both sides of an equation or inequality

SubtractSides  ▪  MultiplySides  ▪  DivideSides  ▪  ApplySides


Graphics, Graphics3D 2D, 3D graphics

Line, Circle, Polygon, Sphere graphics and geometric primitives

ArcLength, Area, Volume compute geometric properties


Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcSin trig functions


D differentiate a function

Integrate integrate a function

DifferenceQuotient find the difference quotient for a function


Plot plot a function

Plot3D 3D function plot

RegionPlot plot inequalities


Table make a table of data

Mean, Variance statistical functions


CellularAutomaton complex patterns from simple rules

Import import external data

Manipulate dynamically manipulate any graphics, algebra, or data