Solid Mechanics PDEs and Boundary Conditions

Solid mechanics is the field of physics that models mechanical deformation, strain and stress of solids under load.


SolidMechanicsPDEComponent model solid mechanics

SolidMechanicsStrain computes strain from displacement

SolidMechanicsStress computes stress from strain

SolidFixedCondition model fixed constraints

SolidDisplacementCondition model prescribed displacements

SolidBoundaryLoadValue model boundary loads


Solid Mechanics monograph about modeling solid mechanics

Hyperelasticity monograph about modeling hyperelastic material

Solid Mechanics Model Verification test suite with solid mechanics model verification


Disc Brake model deformation and thermal expansion in a disc brake

Hygroscopic Swelling model a gasket influenced by heat, moisture and deformation

Hyperelastic Tissue model a biaxial tension test of tissue with a neo-Hookean model

Hyperelastic Model Comparison compares different hyperelastic models

Thermal Load model the effect of temperature on a structure

Vascular Vessel model a vascular artery with a Yeoh hyperelastic model

Models Overview

Comparative overview of the solid mechanics models.

More examples for boundary conditions can be found on the respective reference pages.