is a two-dimensional graphics primitive which represents a rectangular array of gray cells.


represents an array of RGB color cells.


represents an array of color cells with opacity αij.


represents an array of gray cells with the specified opacities.

Details and Options

  • Raster[array,ColorFunction->f] specifies that each cell should be colored using the graphics directives obtained by applying the function f to the value specified for that cell.
  • If array has dimensions {n,m}, then Raster[array] is assumed to occupy the rectangle Rectangle[{0,0},{m,n}]. »
  • Raster[array,{{xmin,ymin},{xmax,ymax}}] specifies that the raster should be taken instead to fill the rectangle Rectangle[{xmin,ymin},{xmax,ymax}]. »
  • Scaled and Offset can be used to specify the coordinates for the rectangle.
  • Raster[array,Automatic] is equivalent to Raster[array,{{0,0},{m,n}}].
  • Raster[array,rect,{amin,amax}] specifies that cell values should be scaled so that amin corresponds to 0 and amax corresponds to 1. Cell values outside this range are clipped to be 0 or 1.
  • array can be a SparseArray object.
  • Image[Raster[]] converts a Raster object to an image.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Rectangular array of gray cells:

Array of RGB color cells:

Array of gray cells with opacity:

Array of RGB cells with opacity:

Scope  (14)

Raster Specification  (3)

For an × matrix, the raster occupies the rectangle {0,0} to {m,n}:

Specify the shape of the raster explicitly, using ordinary coordinates:

Use Scaled and ImageScaled:

Use Offset:

Raster Styling  (11)

A raster of a scalar matrix uses gray level by default:

The values outside the range 0 to 1 are normally clipped to be 0 or 1:

Specify the range of values:

The values outside the specified range are clipped:

An array of pairs of numbers is treated as a gray level with opacity:

A raster of an array of triples uses RGB colors by default:

An array of four numbers is treated as having RGB values with opacity:

Use Hue values for a scalar matrix:

Use a user-defined function:

Use a color function with the specified range:

Use predefined gradients:

Generalizations & Extensions  (1)

Any Wolfram Language expression can be applied to a color function:

Options  (4)

ColorFunction  (4)

Use gray level for each cell:

Color the raster cells using hue values:

Use a user-defined color function:

Use a predefined gradient:

Applications  (3)

Use a raster as wallpaper:

Get a test RGB raster using ExampleData:

Convert RGB to grayscale:

Apply a filter using ListCorrelate, then display it:

Define a simple raster density plot function:

Set options for the function:


Properties & Relations  (7)

Rotate can be applied to a raster:

Use ArrayPlot when visualizing discrete data:

Use ListDensityPlot when visualizing continuous data:

Use ReliefPlot to visualize elevation data:

Rasterize can generate a raster graphic from any expression:

ExampleData contains a number of test images:

Many Import formats can produce Raster:

Possible Issues  (1)

The first row in the data array is at the bottom of Raster, but at the top of ArrayPlot:

Neat Examples  (1)

Different planes through the RGB color space:

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