Summary of New Features in 10.4

A list of key new features since 10.3.

Core Language

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Association support for pattern matching and significant speedup in many operations

KeyValuePattern pattern-matching construct for elements in associations

List Operations

FindTransientRepeat find transient and repeating part of a sequence

Subsequences all subsequences of a list

Operator Forms

UnequalTo operator form of Unequal

Mathematical Computation & Algorithms

Number Theory

PolygonalNumber triangular and other polygonal numbers

MersennePrimeExponent exponents for which is prime

PerfectNumber th perfect number

MersennePrimeExponentQ  ▪  PerfectNumberQ


GreenFunction Green's function for ordinary and partial differential equations

DifferenceQuotient ordinary and partial difference quotients

Signal Processing

BiquadraticFilterModel easy-to-specify biquad filters

Cluster Analysis

ClusterClassify classify based on clusters found in data

ClusteringTree  ▪  Dendrogram

Textual Computation & Data

DictionaryWordQ test if a word is a correctly spelled dictionary word

SpellingCorrectionList list of spelling suggestions for misspelled words

WordFrequency frequency of words or -grams in text

WordFrequencyData data on current and historical word frequencies in typical text

Real-World Data & Quantities

WeatherForecastData forecasted worldwide weather data

UniverseModelData cosmological distances, structure, and evolution

Mixed Units

MixedMagnitude, MixedUnit general support for mixed units (e.g. feet, inches)

Quantities in Probability & Statistics »

QuantityDistribution a distribution of quantities

RandomVariate generate random quantity data

EstimatedDistribution estimate a quantity distribution from quantity data

NormalDistribution  ▪  Probability  ▪  LocationTest  ▪  ...

Geo Computation

DynamicGeoGraphics interactive geo graphics with panning and zooming

GeoLength length of a geodetic path

GeoDistanceList successive pairwise distances between a list of geodetic positions

TravelDistanceList successive pairwise travel distances between a list of locations

Graphs & Networks

PlanarGraph graph constructor for planar graphs

PlotTheme full suite of plot themes for graph-related functions

ConnectedGraphComponents  ▪  WeaklyConnectedGraphComponents

Regions & Geometry

Geometrical Computation

ArrayMesh general mesh constructor from arrays

MomentOfInertia moment of inertia for any region

RegionMoment general integral moment for regions

BoundingRegion simple and efficient bounding regions for point sets

RegionMeasure support for parameter formulas

Geometry Formats

"DAE" support for the COLLADA digital asset exchange format

"DXF" new large-scale support for the DXF format


HighlightImage dramatically expanded capabilities for highlighting elements of images

DynamicImage interactive image viewer for panning and zooming in large images

ZoomFactor  ▪  ZoomCenter

Visualization & Display

ListPlot support for wrappers, data labels, and scaling functions

ListLinePlot  ▪  ListStepPlot  ▪  DateListPlot  ▪  DateListStepPlot  ▪  ListLogPlot  ▪  ListLogLogPlot  ▪  ListLogLinearPlot

Dendrogram hierarchical clustering plot

Highlighted display any object highlighted

User Interaction

AskFunction program that can ask questions during execution

Ask ask for a value if necessary, or just return it if already known

AskedValue get a value so long as it has already been asked

AskAppend  ▪  AskConfirm  ▪  AskedQ

AskTemplateDisplay display an expression with known values inserted

Cloud & Systems

CloudExpression persistent structured expression in the cloud

CreateCloudExpression  ▪  DeleteCloudExpression  ▪  CloudExpressions  ▪  PartProtection

URLDispatcher explicitly define how particular relative URLs should be handled

CreateFile create a new file

External Services