Summary of New Features in 11.3

A list of key new features since 11.2, including features experimental in 11.3.

Core Language

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Iconize create an iconized display form for an expression

Expression Construction

Construct construct an expression from its head and arguments

Sequence Operations

SequenceReplace replace sequences that match a pattern

SequenceSplit split at sequences that match a pattern

Success symbolic representation of success of an operation

NearestTo operator form for Nearest

Notebook Interface

Automatic display of openers for cell groups

Default persistence of In, Out labels in saved notebooks

Mathematical Computation

Asymptotic Computation »

AsymptoticIntegrate asymptotic approximation to an integral

AsymptoticDSolveValue asymptotic approximation to a differential equation

Asymptotic Relations »

AsymptoticLess give conditions for or when

AsymptoticLessEqual give conditions for or when

AsymptoticEquivalent give conditions for when

AsymptoticGreater  ▪  AsymptoticGreaterEqual  ▪  AsymptoticEqual

Algebraic Manipulation

AddSides add to both sides of equation or inequality

MultiplySides multiply both sides of equation or inequality

SubtractSides  ▪  DivideSides  ▪  ApplySides

Mathematical Proofs

FindEquationalProof find a proof of an equational logic theorem from axioms

ProofObject object representing a generated proof

DeBruijnSequence generate de Bruijn sequences

GraphData (updated) many new properties of graphs


Geographic Visualization

GeoSmoothHistogram create smooth intensities of locations on a map

3D Visualization

FeatureSpacePlot3D plot dimension-reduced feature spaces in 3D

ListPointPlot3D (updated) add support for labels and scaling functions

LabelingSize maximum size to use for labels

Vector Visualization

StreamMarkers, VectorMarkers general shape of streamlines, vectors

Texture Mapping

VertexTextureCoordinates (updated) automatic mapping of textures onto polygons

Image Computation »

CurrentImage (updated) support for multiple devices and Linux

ImageGraphics (updated) support for smoothed regions

ImageTrim (updated) support for extracting multiple regions of interest

Masking (updated) support for masking using symbolic region objects

ImageCaptureFunction preprocessing function for images acquired by cameras etc.

Computer Vision »

FacialFeatures extract facial characteristics such as age, emotion, landmarks, etc.

FindFaces (updated) support for face filtering using facial features

BarcodeRecognize (updated) support for returning positions of text bounding boxes

Audio Computation »

AudioCapture (updated) now supported on Linux

Audio (updated) improved stability and performance of the GUI

SpeechSynthesize (updated) more speech synthesis methods and voices

$VoiceStyles list of available voices for speech synthesis

Programmatic Playback & Capture

AudioStream (updated) programmatic audio playback and capture

AudioPlay  ▪  AudioRecord

Audio Analysis

NetEncoder encode audio signals for use in a neural network

AudioDistance various metrics for computing a distance measure for audio signals

AudioIntervals (updated) new properties and presets

System Modeling »

SystemModel symbolic representation of system models

SystemModelExamples interactive exploration of simulation-ready system models

Model Simulation »

SystemModelSimulate simulate a model

SystemModelParametricSimulate simulate for parameter variation, optimization, etc.

SystemModelSimulationData simulation data for exploration and extraction


Model Analytics & Transformations »

SystemModelPlot plot simulation results

SystemModelLinearize linearize a system model

FindSystemModelEquilibrium  ▪  SystemModelReliability  ▪  ...

Model Creation & Modification »

CreateSystemModel create models from differential and algebraic equations

ConnectSystemModelComponents create models by connecting components

SystemModels list available model components

CreateDataSystemModel  ▪  SetSystemModel  ▪  ...

Graphical System Modeling

SystemModeler switch to a graphical environment for modeling and simulation

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

FindTextualAnswer try to find the part of a text that answers a question

Supervised Machine Learning »

Classify, Predict (updated) improved automation and new random forest

ClassifierMeasurements (updated) new properties and baseline measures

Unsupervised Machine Learning »

FeatureSpacePlot3D plot dimension-reduced feature spaces in 3D

DimensionReduction (updated) new methods including "Isomap" and "LLE"

ClusteringComponents (updated) new option for a feature extractor to be specified

Neural Network Framework »

NetTrain (updated) enhanced progress reporting, expanded set of properties

NetModel (updated) new pre-trained net models

NetTrainResultsObject capture history of a training session

NetStateObject track recurrent states for sequence generation

NetChain, NetGraph (updated) improved network visualization

Neural Network Layers »

NetEncoder (updated) new encoders for audio and 3D images

CTCLossLayer layer to compute the connectionist temporal classification loss

ConvolutionLayer, PoolingLayer (updated) variable-length and 3D inputs

LongShortTermMemoryLayer (updated) up to 10x faster on GPUs

NetBidirectionalOperator  ▪  AppendLayer

AggregationLayer  (updated)   ▪  SoftmaxLayer  (updated)   ▪  PartLayer  (updated)   ▪  ThreadingLayer  (updated) 

Neural Network Modifications »

NetRename rename a layer

NetReplace replace a layer

NetTake take layers from a chain

NetJoin  ▪  NetFlatten  ▪  NetAppend  ▪  NetPrepend  ▪  NetDrop  ▪  NetInsert  ▪  NetDelete

Systems-Level & External Operations

External Language Computation

ExternalEvaluate (updated) support for external language code cells (started with >)

Remote Execution

RemoteRun run a command on a remote host, returning the exit code

RemoteRunProcess run a command, returning detailed information

RemoteConnect  ▪  RemoteConnectionObject  ▪  RemoteAuthorizationCaching

User Identification & Authentication

AuthenticationDialog open a dialog for entering username and password

$MobilePhone give the verified mobile phone number for the current user

GenerateSecuredAuthenticationKey OAuth authentication system

Mail & Messaging

MailServerConnect connect to an active IMAP mail server

MailSearch search a mailbox, giving mail in datasets etc.

MailItem symbolic representation of a mail message, folder, etc.

MailExecute perform operations on mail messages etc.

MailSettings (updated) support added for incoming mail server settings

SendMail (updated) support for HTML email and improved embedding of expressions

SendMessage (updated) support for SMS and MMS

System Processes Information

SystemProcesses list of running processes as symbolic process objects

SystemProcessData dataset of current running processes

Network Packet Capture

NetworkPacketCapture interactive interface for capturing network packets

NetworkPacketRecording record network packets for a specified time

$NetworkInterfaces  ▪  $DefaultNetworkInterface

Byte Array Operations

ReadByteArray read from a file or stream to give a byte array

BaseEncode, BaseDecode convert between Base64 etc. strings and byte arrays

Hash (updated) new output forms including hex strings, byte arrays, etc.

BinarySerialize (updated) new option for optimizing packed array serialization

SystemInstall download and install external software

Importing & Exporting »

System Modeling Formats »

"MO" export and import Modelica system models

"SMA"  ▪  "SME"  ▪  "FMU"  ▪  "MCTT"

Raster Image Formats »

"PNG" (updated) now supports export of animations

"FITS" (updated) complete support for image and table data, including multi-HDU files

"RLE"  ▪  "GIF"  (updated)   ▪  "TIFF"  (updated)   ▪  "Raw"  (updated) 

Audio Formats

"MP3", "WAV", "OggVorbis" (updated) support for metadata

Tabular & Spreadsheet Formats »

"CSV", "TSV" (updated) better partial file access

"XLS", "XLSX" (updated) better performance and stability, better partial file access

Systems & Network Formats

"WXF" binary-serialized Wolfram Language expressions (.wxf)

"BSON" JSON-like binary serialization format

"PCAP"  ▪  "HTTPResponse"  ▪  "HTTPRequest"  ▪  "WARC"

MongoDB Package

MongoConnect  ▪  MongoDatabase  ▪  MongoCollection  ▪  ...

Blockchains & Cryptocurrency »

General Blockchain Information

BlockchainData get current information about a blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ...)

BlockchainBlockData get information about a particular block

BlockchainTransactionData get information about a transaction

BlockchainBase  ▪  $BlockchainBase

Storage on Wolfram Blockchains

BlockchainPut put data into a Wolfram blockchain

BlockchainGet get data from a Wolfram blockchain

External Data & Knowledgebase

Quantities & Units

NondimensionalizationTransform transform equations by removing dimensions

IndependentPhysicalQuantity represent an independent physical quantity

IndependentUnitDimension represent an independent unit dimension

Entity Framework

EntityRegister, EntityUnregister register, unregister entities in an entity store

EntityStores list of entity stores

Interpreter (updated) improved performance of entity interpretation

EntityPrefetch fetch cacheable entities of a specified type

WolframLanguageData (updated) new related guide and documentation link properties