Summary of New Features in 11.2

A list of key new features since 11.1, including features experimental in 11.2.

Core Language

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TakeList successively take sequences from a list

TwoWayRule () symbolic representation of two-way rules

Span (updated) support for UpTo and All

FindRepeat find minimal repeating sublists

Strings & Display

ByteArrayToString  ▪  StringToByteArray

DecimalForm print approximate real numbers without scientific notation

DefaultPrintPrecision  ▪  ScientificNotationThreshold

Capitalize (updated) title case and other capitalization schemes

Mathematical Computation

Continuous Limits »

Limit () (updated) support for undirected, nested and multivariate function limits

MinLimit (), MaxLimit () new lower and upper function limits

DSolveValue (updated) can now directly give limiting values

, , prefix operators for limits

Discrete Limits »

DiscreteLimit () limits of sequences, e.g. recurrence and number theory

DiscreteMinLimit (), DiscreteMaxLimit () lower and upper sequence limits

RSolveValue (updated) can now directly give limiting values

Integral Transforms »

RadonTransform, InverseRadonTransform support for Radon transforms

FourierTransform (updated) support for transforms of periodic functions

FourierSinTransform  ▪  FourierCosTransform  ▪  LaplaceTransform  ▪  ...

Summation Transforms »

FourierSequenceTransform (updated) support for transforms of periodic sequences

ZTransform  ▪  GeneratingFunction  ▪  ExponentialGeneratingFunction  ▪  ...

Direct Access to Low-Level Numerical Linear Algebra »

ASUM  ▪  AXPY  ▪  COPY  ▪  DOT  ▪  DOTC  ▪  GEMM  ▪  GEMV  ▪  GER  ▪  ...

Geometry »

Boolean Operations »

RegionIntersection (updated) greatly improved support for Boolean operations

RegionUnion  ▪  RegionDifference  ▪  BooleanRegion  ▪  ...

Region Discretization

RegionImage generate a 2D or 3D image from a region

Topological Operations

CylindricalDecomposition (updated) now compute interior, exterior, boundary, etc.

Mathematical Functions »

New Elliptic Functions »

WeierstrassHalfPeriodW1 the half-period for Weierstrass elliptic functions

WeierstrassHalfPeriodW2  ▪  WeierstrassHalfPeriodW3  ▪  WeierstrassInvariantG2  ▪  WeierstrassInvariantG3

WeierstrassE1 the value at the half-period for WeierstrassP

WeierstrassE2  ▪  WeierstrassE3

WeierstrassEta1 the value at the half-period for WeierstrassZeta

WeierstrassEta2  ▪  WeierstrassEta3

Improved Elliptic Functions »

EllipticExp (updated) improved numerical evaluation of elliptic functions

EllipticLog  ▪  WeierstrassP  ▪  WeierstrassPPrime  ▪  WeierstrassZeta  ▪  InverseWeierstrassP  ▪  WeierstrassSigma  ▪  JacobiSN  ▪  JacobiSC  ▪  ...

Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning

Classify, Predict (updated) new automation, methods and monitoring

TimeGoal specify how much time to spend on a training task

FeatureTypes (updated) support for audio and sequences

FeatureExtraction (updated) new support for word vectors and audio

DistanceMatrix (updated) new options for feature extraction and distance functions

RandomSeeding detailed control of random seeding in algorithms

Neural Networks

ElementwiseLayer  (updated)   ▪  AggregationLayer  (updated)   ▪  DropoutLayer  (updated)   ▪  ResizeLayer  (updated)   ▪  PaddingLayer  (updated)   ▪  ReplicateLayer  (updated) 


ImageRestyle restyle one image to follow another

Geo-Related Computation

GeoImage satellite image of a given region

GeoAntipode antipodal position

TideData compute tides for all standard tide stations

Image Computation »

RegionImage convert regions to 2D and 3D raster images

CurrentScreenImage capture an image of your screen

CurrentNotebookImage capture an image of a notebook

Image, Image3D (updated) more arithmetic and statistical operations on images

HighlightImage (updated) automatic choice of highlighting style

ColorQuantize (updated) new quantization methods and improved performance

ImageEffect (updated) new effects

Audio Computation »

SpeechSynthesize synthesized speech Audio from text

Audio (updated) support for stereo playback and improved device handling

AudioCapture (updated) support for Linux systems and additional controls

Programmatic Playback

AudioPlay, AudioStop, AudioPause programmatic control of playback

AudioStream  ▪  AudioStreams  ▪  RemoveAudioStream


Stacked Plots

StackedListPlot plot values stacked on top of each other

StackedDateListPlot plot time series stacked on top of each other

PlotLayout option for stacked and percentile layout for many functions

AnatomyPlot3D (updated) support for 20+ plot themes

FeatureSpacePlot (updated) dramatically improved labeling performance

WordCloud (updated) new options for processing and selection of words

PreprocessingRules  ▪  WordSelectionFunction

Importing & Exporting »

ImportByteArray, ExportByteArray import and export to and from byte arrays

Machine Learning Formats

"WMLF" Wolfram general machine learning model format

"MXNet" MXNet model format

External Language Expressions

"JavaScriptExpression"  ▪  "PythonExpression"

Geo Formats

"GeoJSON" geographic regions and features encoded in JSON

Raster Image Formats »

"FITS"  (updated)   ▪  "PNG"  (updated)   ▪  "GIF"  (updated) 

Tabular & Spreadsheet Formats »

"CSV", "TSV" (updated) better performance and stability, better partial file access

Compression & Archive Formats »

"ZIP", "TAR" (updated) support for exporting associations

Input Interpreters

"AnatomicalFunctionalConcept"  ▪  "CognitiveTask"  ▪  "Neuron"  ▪  ...

External Operations

External Language Interfaces

ExternalEvaluate evaluate a command in an external language (Python, JavaScript, ...)

StartExternalSession start a persistent connection to an external language evaluator

ExternalSessionObject  ▪  ExternalSessions  ▪  FindExternalEvaluators  ▪  RegisterExternalEvaluator  ▪  UnregisterExternalEvaluator


Authentication (updated) updated handling of passwords for external sites

SecuredAuthenticationKey symbolic representation of OAuth credentials


SendMail (updated) updated mail settings, email validation, mail processing function

Publish-Subscribe Channel Communication

ChannelReceiverFunction automatic responder for received messages

ChannelBrokerAction option to specify actions on the channel broker server

Socket & ZeroMQ Communication

SocketOpen open a network socket (e.g. to set up a server)

SocketListen listen on an open network socket

SocketConnect (updated) added support for ZeroMQ

SocketReadMessage read an entire message from a socket

SocketObject  (updated)   ▪  SocketListener  ▪  Sockets  ▪  SocketWaitNext  ▪  SocketWaitAll  ▪  SocketReadyQ

Resource System

ResourceSubmit submit a resource for publication

$PublisherID unique ID used for resource submissions

ResourceRegister  ▪  ResourceUpdate  ▪  PublisherID

Background & Scheduled Tasks

SessionSubmit submit a task to perform asynchronously in the current kernel

LocalSubmit submit a task to perform in a separate subkernel

CloudSubmit (updated) submit a task to perform asynchronously in the cloud

TaskObject general object representing a background task

TaskExecute immediately execute an asynchronous task

TaskResume  ▪  TaskSuspend  ▪  TaskRemove  ▪  TaskAbort  ▪  TaskWait

Tasks list all currently submitted tasks

$CurrentTask the TaskObject of the task in which it is evaluated

ScheduledTask (updated) control through task objects

HandlerFunctions (updated) support for TaskObject

URLSubmit (updated) support for TaskObject

URLDownloadSubmit submit a URL for asynchronous download

Initialization & Persistence Framework

InitializationValue settable value to be assigned to a symbol on startup

InitializationObjects give a list of all initialization objects

$Initialization symbol to release and evaluate after main system initialization

Initialize perform initialization for individual symbols or the whole system

$PreInitialization  ▪  $InitializationContexts  ▪  $NoValue  ▪  ValuePreprocessingFunction  ▪  EvaluationEnvironment

PersistenceLocation (updated) support for Notebook as a location type

Once (updated) support for local persistent caching

System Operations

Files & Objects

FileSize size of a file, as a quantity

DeleteObject delete local, cloud, etc. objects

System Information & Control

MemoryAvailable estimate amount of free memory available

$NetworkConnected test if your computer has an active network interface