Image Computation: Update History

A list of new and updated features in image processing, analysis and computation.

New Features in 14.0 »

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Image Processing »

A new generation of neural networks and flexible ways of specifying goals gives substantially more powerful segmentation capabilities used in a variety of functions.

ImageSegmentationComponents segment an image into components

ImageSegmentationFilter filters an image for the foreground components

ImageCases  ▪  ImageContents  ▪  RemoveBackground  ▪  Inpaint

Powering of these functions by neural networks to detect where in an image text occurs and actually recognizing the content now allows for a higher success rate.

TextRecognize  ▪  FindImageText

New Features in 13.3 »

Image Processing »

ImageSynthesize generate an image from a textual prompt

FindImageShapes find common shapes (lines, circles, ellipses, ...) in an image

ImageSaliencyFilter image saliency filtering using salient object detection

RemoveBackground separate foreground and background based on foreground saliency

BarcodeImage support for new barcodes (UPCE and Code93)

Documentation updates for better illustrations and more.

RGBColor  ▪  CMYKColor  ▪  Hue  ▪  LCHColor  ▪  LABColor  ▪  LUVColor  ▪  XYZColor  ▪  GrayLevel

New Features in 13.2 »

Image Computation »

ImageStitch support for spherical and cylindrical projection spaces

ImageCompose support for plain or styled text and arbitrary expressions for overlays

BarcodeRecognize support for MicroQR

New Features in 13.1 »

Image Computation »

ImageDisplacements (updated) support for animated images, adding a new method

ImageFeatureTrack  ▪  ImageStitch  ▪  ImageMeasurements

New Features in 13.0 »

Image Creation »

AnimatedImage (updated) can now create an animation from a video

Image Geometry »

ImageStitch stitch together a list of images

ImageKeypoints (updated) new SURF and neural net keypoints methods

ImageCorrespondingPoints  (updated)    ▪  FindGeometricTransform  (updated)    ▪  ImageAlign  (updated) 

Color Processing »

RemoveAlphaChannel (updated) now accepts color directives

SetAlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  AlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  ColorConvert  (updated)   ▪  ColorSeparate  (updated) 

New Features in 12.3 »

Image Processing »

Rasterize (updated) performance improvement

HighlightImage (updated) support for label matrices from segmentation algorithms

FindGeometricTransform (updated) significant performance and quality improvement

RGBColor (updated) can now be used directly for color conversion

GrayLevel  (updated)   ▪  Hue  (updated)   ▪  CMYKColor  (updated)   ▪  XYZColor  (updated)   ▪  LABColor  (updated)   ▪  LCHColor  (updated)   ▪  LUVColor  (updated) 

New Features in 12.2 »

Image Processing »

AnimatedImage create and represent animated images from files or lists of images

RandomImage  (updated)   ▪  LinearGradientImage  (updated)   ▪  RadialGradientImage  (updated)   ▪  ImageReflect  (updated) 

Face Analysis

FaceRecognize recognize faces in an image based on a few samples

FindFaces  (updated)   ▪  FaceAlign  (updated) 


ImageWaveformPlot  ▪  ImageVectorscopePlot

New Features in 12.1 »

Image Processing »

HighlightImage (updated) support for labeling and legending

ImageLabels  ▪  ImageLegends  ▪  ImageAssemble  (updated)   ▪  ImageTransformation  (updated) 

High-Resolution Rasterization

Rasterize (updated) updated to account for available screen resolution

$ImageResolution a global variable to get and set image resolution

Face Analysis

FindFaces (updated) new methods to detect faces

FacialFeatures (updated) new single-point facial features

FaceAlign geometrically align detected faces

Text Analysis

FindImageText detect text in an image

New Features in 12.0 »

Computer Vision

ImageCases find subimages identified as being an instance of an object

ImageContainsQ  ▪  ImageContents  ▪  ImagePosition  ▪  ImageBoundingBoxes

Facial Computation

FindFaces (updated) improved face detection

FacialFeatures (updated) improved feature detection, with smaller networks

Image Pyramids

ImagePyramid construct a multi-resolution image pyramid

InverseImagePyramid reconstruct the image from an image pyramid

ImagePyramidApply apply a function to images of an image pyramid

Color Processing

FindMatchingColor find the shade of a color present in an image

ColorsNear symbolic representation of a region in color space

ChromaticityPlot3D (updated) support for specifying color neighborhoods

ColorDetect find a region with pixel values similar to a given color

ImageRecolor recolor regions of an image

ColorQuantize (updated) can now guess the number of colors to use for quantization

New Features in 11.3 »

CurrentImage (updated) support for multiple devices and Linux

ImageGraphics (updated) support for smoothed regions

ImageTrim (updated) support for extracting multiple regions of interest

Masking (updated) support for masking using symbolic region objects

ImageCaptureFunction preprocessing function for images acquired by cameras etc.

Computer Vision »

FacialFeatures extract facial characteristics such as age, emotion, landmarks, etc.

FindFaces (updated) support for face filtering using facial features

BarcodeRecognize (updated) support for returning positions of text bounding boxes

New Features in 11.2 »

Image, Image3D (updated) more arithmetic and statistical operations on images

HighlightImage (updated) automatic choice of highlighting style

ColorQuantize (updated) new quantization methods and improved performance

RegionImage convert regions to 2D and 3D raster images

ImageEffect (updated) new effects

ImageRestyle restyle one image to follow another

Image Creation

CurrentScreenImage capture an image of your screen

CurrentNotebookImage capture an image of a notebook

RegionImage generate a 2D or 3D image from a region

GeoImage satellite image of a given region

New Features in 11.1 »

CurrentImage (updated) significant increases in speed and robustness

Image, Image3D (updated) comprehensive support for arithmetic and statistical operations

Computer Vision »

TextRecognize (updated) level specification, property extraction, regions of interest, etc.

ImageGraphics convert bitmap images to symbolic vector graphics

Feature Extraction »

ImageKeypoints, FindGeometricTransform, ... (updated) new keypoint types and methods

Computational Photography »

ImageEffect (updated) added new effects

ImageExposureCombine (updated) extended to handle HDR images

Computational Microscopy

BrightnessEqualize estimate and equalize uneven image illumination

Image3DProjection compute a projection of a 3D image onto a plane

New Features in 11.0 »

Feature Detection »

ImageMesh convert the foreground of an image to a boundary mesh region

ImageDisplacements find dense optical flow across a sequence of images

TextRecognize support for multiple languages

Segment Analysis »

ComponentMeasurements, SelectComponents more flexible interface for component selection

New Features in 10.4 »

HighlightImage dramatically expanded capabilities for highlighting elements of images

DynamicImage interactive image viewer for panning and zooming in large images

ZoomFactor  ▪  ZoomCenter

New Features in 10.2 »

Computational Photography »

ColorToneMapping transform an HDR image so small luminance variations are visible

ImageExposureCombine create an image from images with different exposure

ImageFocusCombine create a high-depth-of-focus image from multiple images

ColorBalance  ▪  GuidedFilter

General Updates & Generalizations

ImagePad pad using texture synthesis

HighlightImage highlight any region

Inpaint  ▪  ImageAlign  ▪  Thumbnail  ▪  FindGeometricTransform  ▪  ColorDistance

ButterworthFilterModel  ▪  Chebyshev1FilterModel

New Features in 10.1 »

Computer Vision »

ImageIdentify try to identify what an image is of

ImageInstanceQ test whether an image is of something specified

New Import & Export Formats

"Raw" support for all standard raw image formats

New Features in 10.0 »

New in Image Processing & Analysis »

BarcodeImage, BarcodeRecognize generate and recognize 1D or 2D barcodes

ConformImages make a list of images that have conforming properties

RemoveBackground separate and remove background from an image

DominantColors improvements and new options to find a list of dominant colors

RandomColor  ▪  ColorDistance  ▪  ChromaticityPlot

ConstantImage  ▪  LinearGradientImage  ▪  RadialGradientImage

ImageCollage  ▪  LocalAdaptiveBinarize  ▪  GrowCutComponents  ▪  ImageApplyIndexed  ▪  ImageSaliencyFilter  ▪  SavitzkyGolayMatrix

Use more functions for processing and analyzing 3D images.

ComponentMeasurements  ▪  SelectComponents

ImageRotate  ▪  ImageTransformation  ▪  ImagePerspectiveTransformation

EdgeDetect  ▪  CrossingDetect  ▪  ContourDetect  ▪  CornerFilter

HistogramTransform  ▪  HistogramTransformInterpolation


New Features in 9.0 »

New in Image Processing & Analysis »

Image3D create a 3D image from an array of data or a list of images

Image3DSlices slice through a 3D image in each dimension

ImageFileApply, ImageFileFilter, ImageFileScan out-of-core image processing

ImageMeasurements returns specified properties of an image

ImageDistance compute various difference measures between two images

ImageValuePositions, PixelValuePositions positions of the specified pixel value

ReplaceImageValue  ▪  ReplacePixelValue  ▪  ColorReplace

ColorProfileData representation for general color spaces

DominantColors find a list of dominant colors

HistogramTransform, HistogramTransformInterpolation equalize levels

GradientOrientationFilter  ▪  GaborFilter

NonlocalMeansFilter  ▪  FourierDCTFilter

FindFaces find human faces in an image

ImageCorners  ▪  ImageFeatureTrack

GeodesicClosing  ▪  GeodesicOpening

ImagePeriodogram squared magnitude of the image Fourier transform

New Import & Export Formats »

"CUR" now supported by Export

"FITS" import of binary tables, export of attributes

"ICO" now supported by Export

"JPEG" enhanced Exif and color profile support

"PNG" added support for color profiles

"PNM" improved support for various data formats

"TIFF" added support for 3D images and color profiles

New Features in 8.0 »

Image Processing Enhancements »

ImageTransformation pixelwise functional transformation of an image

EdgeDetect detect edges in an image using Canny and other methods

RandomImage generate a random image from a distribution

ImageCapture capture an image from your computer's primary camera device

ImageKeypoints find keypoints and associated feature vectors in an image

ImageCooccurrence create a texture co-occurrence matrix

TextRecognize extract text from an image

ImageDeconvolve  ▪  ContourDetect  ▪  CrossingDetect  ▪  SkeletonTransform  ▪  PrincipalComponents  ▪  ...

MeanShiftFilter  ▪  RangeFilter  ▪  TotalVariationFilter  ▪  WienerFilter  ▪  ...

WatershedComponents watershed transform of an image

ComponentMeasurements shape and color analysis

FillingTransform  ▪  MorphologicalBinarize  ▪  ImageForestingComponents  ▪  ...

New Features in 7.0 »

Image Processing »

New image processing functionality with many functions added »

Image a symbolic representation of an image

ImageQ test if the expression represents an image

Image Properties »

ImageData the array of raster data for an image

ImageDimensions  ▪  ImageChannels  ▪  ImageType  ▪  ImageHistogram  ▪  ...

Basic Image Manipulation »

Thumbnail a thumbnail version of an image

ImageAdjust  ▪  ImageCompose  ▪  ImageEffect  ▪  ...

ImageAdd  ▪  ImageSubtract  ▪  ImageApply  ▪  ...

Geometric Operations »

ImageResize  ▪  ImagePad  ▪  ImageCrop  ▪  ImageRotate  ▪  ...

ImageAssemble  ▪  ImagePartition

Color Manipulation »

ColorConvert convert between image color spaces

ColorSeparate  ▪  ColorCombine  ▪  ColorQuantize  ▪  ColorReplace  ▪  ...

Filtering & Neighborhood Processing »

ImageConvolve, ImageCorrelate general image convolution and correlation

Sharpen  ▪  Blur  ▪  GaussianFilter  ▪  GradientFilter  ▪  EntropyFilter  ▪  ...

DiskMatrix  ▪  BoxMatrix  ▪  DiamondMatrix  ▪  ...

Morphological Image Processing »

Dilation  ▪  Erosion  ▪  Opening  ▪  Closing

DistanceTransform  ▪  TopHatTransform  ▪  MorphologicalComponents  ▪  ...