Summary of New Features in 13.1

A list of key new features since 13.0, including features experimental in 13.1.

Core Language

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List Manipulation »

Threaded thread arrays at deep levels of other arrays

DeleteElements delete elements from a list

DeleteAdjacentDuplicates delete identical adjacent elements in a list

SymmetricDifference, UniqueElements compare elements of several lists

DisjointQ (updated), IntersectingQ (updated), SubsetQ (updated) new SameTest option

Functional Programming »

ReplaceAt use replacement rules at specific positions

MapApply apply a function at level one

Until perform evaluations until passing a test

SameAs operator form of SameQ

Splice (updated) splice expressions with any head, not just List

LeafCount (updated) new Heads option

Date & Time »

DateDifference (updated), DatePlus (updated) new Method option to specify date arithmetic type

DateDifference (updated), DatePlus (updated) improved performance

TimeZone  (updated)   ▪  $TimeZone  (updated)   ▪  TimeZoneConvert  (updated) 

Mathematical Computation

Calculus »

ImplicitD implicit differentiation

IntegrateChangeVariables change of variables in integrals

DSolveChangeVariables change of variables in differential equations

ResidueSum sum the residues of a function over a region, typically for contour integration

Fractional Calculus »

FractionalD RiemannLiouville fractional derivative

CaputoD Caputo fractional derivative

LaplaceTransform (updated) can now transform Caputo fractional derivatives

DSolve (updated) can now solve Caputo fractional differential equations

MittagLefflerE (updated) the "exponential" of fractional DEs

Structured Matrices »

PermutationMatrix structured matrices with short specifications and fast computations

LowerTriangularMatrix  ▪  UpperTriangularMatrix  ▪  BlockDiagonalMatrix  ▪  BlockLowerTriangularMatrix  ▪  BlockUpperTriangularMatrix

Differential & Difference Equations

IncludeSingularSolutions DSolve can now also find singular solutions

AsymptoticDSolveValue (updated) can now use symbolic vector variables

RSolveValue (updated), AsymptoticRSolveValue (updated) can now use symbolic vector variables

Special Functions

CenteredInterval (updated) interval evaluation supported in 36 more special functions

Interval (updated) is now supported in all special functions that do interval evaluation

AlternatingFactorial  (updated)   ▪  AngerJ  (updated)   ▪  Binomial  (updated)   ▪  CatalanNumber  (updated)   ▪  DawsonF  (updated)   ▪  EllipticNomeQ  (updated)   ▪  FactorialPower  (updated)   ▪  Fibonacci  (updated)   ▪  FresnelF  (updated)   ▪  FresnelG  (updated)   ▪  Gudermannian  (updated)   ▪  HankelH1  (updated)   ▪  HankelH2  (updated)   ▪  HarmonicNumber  (updated)   ▪  Haversine  (updated)   ▪  InverseGudermannian  (updated)   ▪  InverseHaversine  (updated)   ▪  JacobiZeta  (updated)   ▪  LogisticSigmoid  (updated)   ▪  LucasL  (updated)   ▪  ParabolicCylinderD  (updated)   ▪  ScorerGi  (updated)   ▪  ScorerGiPrime  (updated)   ▪  ScorerHi  (updated)   ▪  ScorerHiPrime  (updated)   ▪  SphericalBesselJ  (updated)   ▪  SphericalBesselY  (updated)   ▪  SphericalHankelH1  (updated)   ▪  SphericalHankelH2  (updated)   ▪  Subfactorial  (updated)   ▪  Surd  (updated)   ▪  WeberE  (updated)   ▪  WhittakerM  (updated)   ▪  WhittakerW  (updated)   ▪  ZernikeR  (updated)   ▪  Erf  (updated) 


TernaryListPlot plot ratios of quantities

Categorical Data Visualization

NominalScale pure labels of classes (red, green, blue, ...)

OrdinalScale ordered labels of classes (small < medium < large ...)

Scaling Functions

ScalingFunctions (updated) now supports nominal, ordinal and date scales

Scaling Support in Scalar Visualization Functions

ScalingFunctions (updated) added support in numerous scalar visualization functions

ContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  DateListLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  DensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListCurvePathPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListLogLinearPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListPolarPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListSliceContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListSliceDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListSliceVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListSurfacePlot3D  (updated)   ▪  LogLinearPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogLogPlot  (updated)   ▪  LogPlot  (updated)   ▪  ParametricPlot  (updated)   ▪  ParametricPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  PolarPlot  (updated)   ▪  ProbabilityScalePlot  (updated)   ▪  RegionPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  RevolutionPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SliceContourPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SliceDensityPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SliceVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  SphericalPlot3D  (updated) 

Scaling Support in Vector Visualization Functions

ScalingFunctions (updated) added support in numerous vector visualization functions

LineIntegralConvolutionPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListLineIntegralConvolutionPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListStreamPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorDisplacementPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorDisplacementPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorPlot  (updated)   ▪  ListVectorPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  StreamDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  StreamPlot  (updated)   ▪  StreamPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  VectorDensityPlot  (updated)   ▪  VectorDisplacementPlot  (updated)   ▪  VectorDisplacementPlot3D  (updated)   ▪  VectorPlot  (updated)   ▪  VectorPlot3D  (updated) 

Geometric Computation »

Mesh Regions »

MeshRegion (updated) now support Polyhedron cells, allowing for honeycombs etc.

VoronoiMesh (updated) now support 3D Voronoi decompositions

Region Reconstruction from Point Clouds

ReconstructionMesh can reconstruct 1D, 2D and 3D meshes from point clouds

EstimatedPointNormals estimate normals to points in a point cloud

GradientFittedMesh  (updated)   ▪  ConcaveHullMesh  (updated) 

Special Regions

GeodesicPolyhedron approximate balls from subdivision of Platonic polyhedra

InfiniteLineThrough  ▪  CircularArcThrough

Region Computation

Integrate (updated) improved performance and robustness when integrating over regions

SpherePoints (updated) return results with any specified precision

System Integration

SpatialPointData can now be used for points in the geometry framework

Geometry Resources

PolyhedronData (updated) 28 new polyhedra including all topological hexahedron types

ResourceData (updated) new 3D geometric models

Plane Geometry

GeometricStylingRules style structures in a GeometricScene

Graphs & Networks »

Graph Operations

GraphProduct compute graph products

GraphJoin  ▪  GraphSum

Graph Constructors

TorusGraph generate a torus graph

BuckyballGraph generate a buckyball graph

Graph Resources

GraphData (updated) 500+ new graphs, classes and properties

ResourceData (updated) give string values of graph options

Symbolic Graphics Language »

Graphics (updated), Graphics3D (updated) now accept images as a primitives


DropShadowing drop shadow effect in 2D


FlatShading flat per face shading

GouraudShading smooth per vertex shading

PhongShading smooth per pixel shading

Video & Image Computation

Video Computation »

Video (updated) improved GUI performance and stability

PlaybackSettings  ▪  VideoTransparency  ▪  VideoEncoding  (updated) 

Video Creation »

VideoCapture interactive video recording from webcams and other devices

VideoScreenCapture interactive screen video recording

TourVideo  (updated)   ▪  FrameListVideo  (updated)   ▪  VideoRecord  (updated) 

Video Editing

RemoveAlphaChannel (updated) remove alpha channel from video frames

SetAlphaChannel  (updated)   ▪  AlphaChannel  (updated) 

Image Computation »

ImageDisplacements (updated) support for animated images, adding a new method

ImageFeatureTrack  (updated)   ▪  ImageStitch  (updated)   ▪  ImageMeasurements  (updated) 

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Machine Learning »

ContentDetectorFunction (updated) support for Information

DimensionReducerFunction  (updated)   ▪  FeatureExtractorFunction  (updated) 

FindClusters (updated) support for fixed number of clusters and UpTo

ClusterClassify  (updated)      ▪  ClusteringComponents  (updated) 

Interpretable Machine Learning

FeatureValueImpactPlot plots the impact of a feature on a model result

FeatureImpactPlot plots the impact of each feature together

CumulativeFeatureImpactPlot plots the cumulative impact of each feature

FeatureValueDependencyPlot plots the result dependency on a feature value

Network Layers »

ReplicateLayer (updated) support for integer arrays

RandomArrayLayer (updated) support for more statistical distribution

AttentionLayer (updated) support for dropout and local masking

ElementwiseLayer (updated) new activations "Mish" and "GELU"

ThreadingLayer  (updated)   ▪  FunctionLayer  (updated) 

Network Training »

NetTrain (updated), LossFunction (updated) support for multi-output and nonscalar loss

Encoders & Decoders »

"Image" (updated) resampling and padding support

"Class" (updated) support for top-k and top-p sampling (nucleus sampling)


"ONNX" (updated) export support for net operators

Trees »

Tree Construction & Representation »

Tree (updated) extended representation, including associations of children nodes

UnlabeledTree display a tree without labels

ExpressionTree (updated), TreeExpression (updated) new structure conversions (XML, JSON, ...)

Tree Labeling & Styling »

TreeElementShape specify the visual shape of tree nodes

TreeElementLabelStyle  ▪  TreeElementLabelFunction  ▪  TreeElementStyleFunction  ▪  TreeElementSize  ▪  TreeElementSizeFunction  ▪  TreeElementShapeFunction  ▪  TreeElementCoordinates

ParentEdgeStyle specify the style of tree edges

ParentEdgeLabel  ▪  ParentEdgeLabelStyle  ▪  ParentEdgeLabelFunction  ▪  ParentEdgeStyleFunction  ▪  ParentEdgeShapeFunction

Tree Operations »

RootTree first n levels of a tree

TreeLeafCount count number of leaves in a tree

TreeMap (updated), TreeScan (updated) specify arguments supplied to the function

Molecular Structure & Computation »

PatternReaction symbolic representation of a family of chemical reactions

ApplyReaction apply a pattern reaction to a set of molecules to obtain products

ChemicalConvert perform chemical conversions (e.g. mass to amount)

ChemicalInstance representation of quantified amounts of chemicals

PDE Modeling »

Symmetry Support »

DiffusionPDETerm (updated) (updated) now support "Axisymmetric" (cylindrical) symmetries

ConservativeConvectionPDETerm  (updated)   ▪  DerivativePDETerm  (updated)   ▪  LaplacianPDETerm  (updated)   ▪  HeatTransferPDEComponent  (updated)   ▪  MassTransportPDEComponent  (updated) 

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics »

SolidMechanicsPDEComponent (updated) support nonlinear hypo- and hyperelastic material models and damping

SolidMechanicsStress  (updated)   ▪  SolidMechanicsStrain  (updated)   ▪  ...

Systems Modeling & Control

Model Predictive Control (MPC)

ModelPredictiveController explicit constrained MPC controller design with 1-, 2- and -norms

DiscreteInputOutputModel general nonlinear input output model

System Modeling »

CreateSystemModel (updated) MPC support

ConnectSystemModelController (updated) MPC support (hybrid discrete/continuous systems)

Importing & Exporting »

Document Formats »

"PDF" (updated) now can import positioned text, improved importing as vector graphics

Raster Formats »

"BioImageFormat" importing data and metadata of bio formats

"GIF" (updated) create smaller animated GIFs using global color maps and removing duplicate frames

"PNG"  (updated)   ▪  "HEIF"  (updated)   ▪  "OpenEXR"  (updated) 

Scientific Formats »

"NetCDF" (updated) significant improvement in export

"SAV" (updated), "POR" (updated) now can specify missing values in export


Window Toolbar add a new default toolbar

Graphics Convert To/From Canvas add a canvas over existing cells

Edit Preferences visual refresh of the preferences dialog

File New Package/Script display line numbers when editing packages and scripts

Edit Indent Selected Lines indent and outdent selected lines in a code block

() cleaner copy/paste to external applications

OutputSizeLimit (updated) the interface now provides buttons for storing the result in the notebook

AbsoluteOptions (updated) can resolve more 2D and 3D graphics options

Struckthrough represents a font with a strike-through line

Beep (updated) add the ability to provide a custom Why the Beep message

CellDingbatMargin control the placement of the cell dingbat

NotebookObject (updated), CellObject (updated) objects now use a second "instance" UUID to distinguish between objects with identical ExpressionUUID values

Question & Answer Interfaces

QuestionGenerator generates a random QuestionObject in a quiz

QuestionSelector serves a randomly selected QuestionObject in a quiz

Code Compilation & Data Structures


TypeDeclaration declare types for use in compiled code

CompiledExpressionDeclaration efficiently represent structured expressions

LibraryFunctionDeclaration directly call functions from dynamic libraries

FunctionDeclaration (updated) declare functions with declarations attached to a symbol

TypeSpecifier (updated) new compact type specification syntax

CompilerCallback define custom callback functions for user-defined types

Type Representation

ForAllType representation of a parameterized type

LiteralType representation of a literal value for use in types

TypeEvaluate representation of an evaluation to be performed while inferring types

Compiled Functions

CreateTypeInstance create an instance of a type

Cast convert between types

TypeOf compute the type of an expression without evaluating it

InertExpression create an inert representation of an expression

InertEvaluate call the evaluator from compiled code

UnmanageObject manually manage memory of raw objects

ToRawPointer create a pointer for interacting with external libraries

FromRawPointer dereference a pointer for interacting with external libraries

Data Structures »

"ExprStruct" a representation of an expression that can be modified without evaluation